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Two killed in small jet crash in Hancock County (Indiana)

Two people are dead after a fatal plane crash in Hancock County Wednesday afternoon. Several people witnessed the crash near Indianapolis Regional Airport, including a driver who eventually pulled out his cell phone. ( More...

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Kobe Hunte 3
sad. RIP
Too many inexperienced pilots in the US, especially private pilots. I understand that there is , on an average, five crashes across the country daily.
outisland41 1
Anyone who earns a type rating in a Citation is hardly "inexperienced". Wait for NTSB report before jumping to conclusions.
blueashflyer 0
thank you to the driver who EVENTUALLY pulled out his cell phone
Indie58 -5
Eerily similar to the December 2016 incident at Burke Lakefront/Lake Erie.
outisland41 8
Huh? This was daylight and VFR. Not similar at all.


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