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ATC mistakenly sends a Eva Air Boeing 777 towards California Mountain

A flight from Los Angeles flew dangerously close to a 5,700ft mountain peak after an air traffic controller confused right with left in his instructions. The incident occurred when weather around Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) meant flights had to take off heading east rather than travelling west, directly over the Pacific Ocean, as usual. The Eva Air Boeing 777 was flying to Taipei, Taiwan, when it was given the erroneous instructions from a controller from Southern California… ( More...

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eric cothern 4
Great job reporting on something happening 2 and half years ago.
Kobe Hunte 2
sorry I wasn't aware of it happening 2 years ago. I definitely won't be using stupid again.
JJ Johnson 1
If any terrain is in the departure path of an aircraft the ATC system should automatically warn ATC if an aircraft is on a collision course with terrain. The mountain never moves. It is always the same on the radar a fixed location. Moving target toward fixed location should trigger automatic warning to ATC. What is that maybe 1950's technology? Come on FAA what gives? (even if this is an old story)


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