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Southwest Launches Hawaii Flights From San Jose—Second US Mainland Gateway

Seven weeks after Southwest Airlines commenced its groundbreaking service to Hawaii from Oakland, California (OAK), the Texas airline known for its “LUV” inaugurated flights from San Jose, California (SJC), its second Hawaiian gateway. This followed interisland service between Honolulu (HNL) and Kahului (OGG) on Maui that began the previous week. ( More...

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I wish them well with the new routes..there is a lot of competition to and from Hawaii,and the inter island "hops" were always aloha and hawaiian air..i believe aloha is no longer in business,so I guess there is a market for another carrier to do that service..the california to Hawaii trip is not that long,but it will require a little more in cabin service than just peanuts and a drink.i have not been to the islands for a few years,but I flew on both united and american,(and continental back in the late 70's-which was wonderful !)and island trips from honolulu were on both aloha and hawaiian air..if southwest can do the "Hawaiian experience" with flight attendants in mumus and hawiian shirts,leis,tropical drinks and maybe snacks that might be considered tropical,the public will like it..granted,people want low fares, but when travelling to and from the hawaiian islands,people also want the "hawaiian experience",and not dallas texas….


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