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Air France-KLM will offer free flights for all official partners involved in the reconstruction of Notre-Dame Cathedral

In a statement, Air France-KLM pledged support for the rebuilding of the ancient cathedral. The company said: “All Air France and Air France-KLM teams around the world have been deeply affected and saddened since yesterday.” In an effort to help restore the symbol of French history, the airline group announced that it would “provide free transport for all official partners involved in the reconstruction.” In addition, the airline group will also be setting up a voluntary donations fund for any… ( More...

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berlep 7
La course des Sponsors! We are Heppy for our Lady of Paris!
craigbell1941 3
Catholic Church can afford to pay for reparation.

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Kobe Hunte 1
please don't waste your time posting these awful comments. Please and thank you.
crk112 1
You can't censor someone because you don't like their opinion. This is America.

Please and thank you.


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