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737 Max flight manual may have left MCAS information on ‘cutting room floor’

In the over 1600-page flight manual of Boeing’s 737 Max planes, the aircraft’s new MCAS computer system , now at the centre of investigations into two deadly crashes, is mentioned only once by name - in the glossary of abbreviated terms. ( More...

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matt jensen 4
I guess that was another expensive option?
sharon bias 5
You can bet all of the drafts are stored on some computer someplace, and will show up when a subpoena is served.
sparkie624 2
Nothing is every deleted forever on computers.... Look at what they have turned up off of Formated Hard Drives in criminal Cases.
Chris B 1
The flight simulators for the Max still aren't available....

It sounds so much like a rush to production and profit driven by marketing...
Highflyer1950 0
Why haven't the ipad training procedures been posted so we all can read what the pilots should have read? Unlike the auto trimming on the airbus which happens behind the scenes, what annunciates when the MCAS is in operation or what physical movements are taking place? Regardless of annunciators and /or mechanical failure of single AOA Vane, why was the only sucessful solution arrived at by a Max pilot in the jump seat? I’m beginning to think that the caliber of pilot being churned out these days warrants fulll automation rather than make ithe plane easier to fly and less to understand?
While there is no MCAS 'annunciator' as such, there are two big wheels on each side of the center pedestal which spin and sound a clacker. Irregardless of which system is delivering an uncommanded pitch change, the stab trim cutout switches located next to the copilot's wheel are memory items on the 'Runaway Stabilizer' checklist.
Highflyer1950 2
That’s exactly my point! The trim wheels spin like a slot machine in Vegas and the two up front have to be deaf and blind not to notice it? So it's back to poor training and lack of sysytems understanding because you can say MCAS all you want but it would also a appear that a runaway down trim would have had the same result and they didn't know the Trim Cutout Switches would have solved either issue?
Maybe have them learn to shoot a VOR approach using speed, time and distance or even an old radio approach, then maybe they will gain skills on understanding the importance of real flying skill.


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