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Boeing has been here before. What four fatal crashes from the 1960s say about the 737 Max crisis

Boeing has been here before. What four fatal crashes from the 1960s say about the 737 Max crisis ( More...

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ThinkingGuy 2
I'm a pretty big aviation buff, but this is the first I've ever heard of any problems with the 727. These crashes were all way before I was born; by the time I started flying as a child, I remember most of the flights being on either 727's or DC-9's.
patrick baker 2
there were quite a few crashes of the 727 that qualified for the number envisioned as the learning curve. THose were accepted quietly as part of the process of this new airliner. As designs evolved i no longer hear about learning curves- crashes that teach every one involved about what defects were still unfixed. Maybe there is just a new term for it that i have not heard of.
jeff slack 2
I wondered how long it would take before the 727 and the four events in the 1960's would be recalled.

Boeing will move beyond this as it always does.
Too late for those that have given their lives to reach the level of scrutiny required to make this new plane safe...............every flight safe.

[This poster has been suspended.]

jeff slack 5
I suppose you prefer the propaganda of the Faux News Network?

Your own comments above support everything in the communist posters article.

Do you have much of a problem with your own hypocrisy?


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