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Boeing stops 737 Max deliveries in wake of grounding

Boeing has halted deliveries of Boeing 737 Max in response to the global grounding of the aircraft, the company says. ( More...

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ToddBaldwin3 1
The comments on this story reminds me of my kids bickering in the back seat of the car.
mbrews 1
- Even though Boeing stopped Deliveries, apparently NOT stopped production. Boeing also seems to have approval to conduct initial flight tests of some 737 MAX aircraft.

will display the ones departing Renton factory for initial flights (or storage locations)
Afternoon of March 18, there were (3) B38M scheduled to operate KRNT - KMWH . That's from the Renton, WA factory to the Moses Lake , Washington airfield. Operating with Boeing flight numbers BOE319 BOE485 BOE841
there was a segment on one cable new program about the boeing plant were these max 737 are made..they are continuing to produce them per the orders they have..deliveries are halted as of now until the problem is verified and fixed however..
Shenghao Han 1
Hope they have a big parking lot.
a p -3
There are nearly 400 people killed in black plastic bags at the moment and thousands of people whose lifes were put at serious risk and you only care about "credibility of one of America`s star industries"

Are you a psyco or just a f*cking idiot?
Cansojr -7
Mind your manners. I will tolerate sloppy comments and rude remarks about my persom but for crying out loud stop swearing. It is truly a sign of a very weak mind and poor vocabulary.
a p -3
You call it swearing, I call it a precise definition...a pretty good one indeed...
Cansojr -4
ap the subject is aviation. What on earth are you gibbering about? Pay attention now this is about Boeing. Stay on the topic aviation NOT PLASTIC BAGS. Mind your spelling or do you really care?

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[This poster has been suspended.]

william baker -1
Yes and I loved it lol. Joking.
Cansojr -7
Must be a slow day at the comic book store for you of the illiterati.
Cansojr -4
I wouldn't know, you seem to be the answer man in that department.


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