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Pilots in St-Bruno, QC, mid-air crash didn’t respect altitude limits

Two pilots involved in a mid-air collision over St-Bruno-de-Montarville last year didn’t respect altitude restrictions, according to a new Transportation Safety Board report on the incident. Both pilots deviated from altitude restrictions put in place by air traffic control, just before colliding and neither pilot saw the other aircraft in time to avoid the accident. ( More...

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patrick baker 4
no room in the sky for the sloppy pilot who ignores details including altitude restrictions. Plenty of room elsewhere, so go there and live and be happy and stupid. Tell us all where you are going, for you might have lots of room there.
Bill Ross 3
These were, more than likely, students so kindly hold your jaded and ill informed opinions in check.
joel wiley 2
I wouldn't expect a TV news station to specify what the altitude restrictions were.
As with most mid-airs, it takes two to tangle.
At least there will be two less careless want-to-bes in the air that could have been responsible of causing even more people dying.
Lerabougris 4
That is one bone-headed, insensitive comment to make. With people like you around, assholery won’t certainly die...


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