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Here's the Brilliant Thing Delta Air Lines Now Does to Get Planes Out Faster. It's So Simple. Why Doesn't Every Airline Do It?

What's better than a big solution to a thorny problem? A simple solution. Now, Delta Air Lines has explained a simple trick that it uses to turn planes around faster, which means passengers get where they're going on time, more often. It saves a minute or two every time a jet rolls away from the gate. Multiply that by 1,000 Delta flights a day at an airport like Atlanta, and you start saving lots and lots of time. Here's the story--including the important detail of who came up… ( More...

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ThinkingGuy 9
They push planes out at a 45-degree angle (where space allows). #SavedYouAClick
Martin Stark 3
Thank you. Clickbait garbage is the worst.
jack cagle 1
Do they still park straight in, or do they park at a 45-degree angle? It seems that could make for an even faster turn. In some circumstances, the planes would be able to power out.
Highflyer1950 1
Did anyone ask the tug drivers if they really liked the aircraft ahead of them using breakaway thrust just as they were disconnecting the nose scissors? Anyone ask the bridge operator who now take four tries to line up the bridge at an angle to match the aircraft position! How about the cost of moving all the lighted auto docking system or just let the aircraft wings do it for you when they start to taxi too soon and hit the bridge?


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