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Iraqi Airways pilots suspended after fight breaks out in cockpit at 37,000 feet

Iraqi Airways has suspended two of its pilots for physically fighting each other during an international flight with 157 passengers on board. The aircraft, which left from Mashhad on Wednesday and was headed for Baghdad, was cruising at 37,000 ft when the two men started fighting one another in the pilots’ cockpit over a food tray. ( More...

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ADXbear 7
Beyond CRM.. lol neither will ever fly again.. really harsh rules there.. just stupid captain over reach
joe milazzo 6
JUST LIKE THIS....................
Good one
Duane Mader 1
Love it.
sparkie624 0
Loved that movie... Great CRM... LOL Thanks for sharing that one!!
chalet 2
From very reliable sources I learned that actually it was a food fight where both threw stuff at each other with their own hands as no forks or knives where served. Parts of the windshields got dirty too (LIMAO).
lynx318 1
Can't leave this page without linking this.
Ray Toews 1
Id like to hear the CVR of that,,,,if it is possible to translate swearing from Farci.
sparkie624 1
Must have been quite a dispute!
william baker 4
It must have been one hell of a meal!!
Fighting over who gets the fish!
Martin Cooper -2
I am not surprised, have you tried to deal with a DISGRUNTAL Middle Easterner? Get two of them at odds with one another, step back and watch the FIREWORKS,I am willing to bet that this meal had nothing to do with this fight,it was coming for a long time.
gerardo godoy 0
Never fly this Airline.
Jamar Jackson 0
Ike Turner


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