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New EU Rules Address 'Mental Fitness' of Pilots, Cabin Crew

European Union airlines will have to perform a psychological assessment of their pilots before the start of employment and implement a policy to prevent and detect misuse of psychoactive substances by flight and cabin crew members, according to a set of new rules concerning mental fitness of air crew. ( More...

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Rex Bentley 2
Article says that Germany already has these rules and regs. But it didn't stop Lubitz from crashing his plane. It's seems more of the usual bureaucrats covering their butts.
I think maybe the German airlines established these procedures AFTER the 2015 incident - article doesn't really make that clear.
bentwing60 1
Why yes! I do often day dream about crashing a 767 into a mountain with a full load of passengers! How did you know? Do I get the job? That is so crazy you knew must be psychic!
william baker 1
And this is why we all can’t have nice things. People like you.
Felix Adex 1
Yeah it nice idei
bentwing60 0
If one were in search of a "Lack" of "Mental Fitness", look no further than Brussels.


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