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Singapore Airlines to Resume the World's Longest Flight in October

Singapore Airlines is ready to claim the title of “world’s longest flight” this October when it resumes non-stop service between Singapore and Newark. The Singapore-bound leg will clock in at 18 hours, 45 minutes .The return flight will last 18 hours, 25 minutes. The new flight marks Singapore’s return to the New York market with a non-stop flight. ( More...

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Non-stop is at least seven hours shorter than any alternative connection service.
mags stumpp 2
Got my ticket!. Good intro fare for SQ in J.
pilotjag 1
Congrats! Hope you enjoy. Would love to hear the experience at a later date
Bill Osborne 0
Not for me. Long flights are not only boring but a very serious health risk. Sitting for 18 hours with a minimal opportunity for exercise is a deadly risk of blood clots.
BJ Fontana 1
Compression stockings (at least btwn 20-30), would be a must.
JJ Johnson 0
Interesting the time I read this article 0749 CDT 7/2/2018 Airbus occupied the top three out of the four aircraft airframes being tracked live. They are doing something right.
Airbus A320
Boeing 737-800
Airbus A321
Airbus A319


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