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AI flight coming to Delhi lands in Udaipur after air pressure dips

New Delhi:An Air India aircraft cruising from Rajkot to Delhi with over 100 people on board on Saturday got a de-pressurisation warning mid-air when the Airbus A-319 was at an altitude of about 10km or 33,000 feet. On getting the cabin de-pressurisation failure warning, the flight captain Priya Chauhan immediately initiated emergency descent and brought the plane to a lower altitude of about 10,000 feet at which all on board could breathe without supplementary oxygen. The aircraft was about 90… ( More...

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Highflyer1950 2
Highly unlikely that a cut cargo door seal would leak that much unless the seal itself had rolled. Cabins leak air pressure all the time and also purposely from the out flow valve (s). If the cabin altitude had started to rise at an uncontrollable rate then an emer. descent would be necessary. However the 02 masks did not deploy indicating the cabin did not climb above 13,500’ + or - 500’. Seriously doubt a cargo door seal could be replaced in Udaipur in 10 hours. We used to push wet paper towels into the seal on 1L on a DC8-63 to stop the air noise while doing an Atlantic crossing. Ground crew had funny looks on their faces when the F/A opened the door and all these paper towells fell out! Of course there is nobody in the cargo hold to stuff paper in the leak.....Too much info? LOL
Good info, not too much :-)
Partially comprehensible, not surprisingly, for a "layman" like me.
What confuses me is the need to cut the seal in the first place !
If it is a necessary evil can't it be tackled at design level on the drawing board ?
Please someone enlighten me about the following observation by a "Senior" pilot
“Sometimes, while loading baggage on aircraft, loaders inadvertently and unintentionally cut the rubber seal on the cargo door. At a higher altitude, the cut may expand and lead to de-pressurisation in the cabin,” said a senior pilot. "


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