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Ex-BA pilot who was four times over flying alcohol limit faces jail

An ex-British Airways pilot who turned up for a 12-hour flight more than four times over the alcohol limit has been told he will probably be jailed. ( More...

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belzybob 5
One vodka and coke for 86mg?? BS!
Larry Toler 6
It was a really big vodka and Coke. Kind of like when I tell my wife I'm just going to the bar for one beer. What I really mean is I'm going to the bar for a pitcher of beer.
He even looks like a drunk.
Coalora 3
You might refill the glass before emptying it entirely, but it still doesn't count as one drink, Julian.
Tim Lamborn 3
Thought I’d throw this out there, enjoy your weekend
Larry Toler 2
That was hilarious!
canuck44 3
He should have been suspended for bad taste. Wasting vodka in coke.
patrick baker 2
hard to say the court should go easy on this man, probation is not enough for the jeopardy he was about to place unsuspecting passengers into.


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