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Train vs. Plane: 10 Routes Where Rail Beats Air

When booking your trip, have you ever wondered about considering train travel as an option? Did you know that there are some routes that can be faster made by train than on a plane? ( More...

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Tim Marks 1
All European locations and not surprising considering that rail service has been evolving to keep pace with the traveler's needs in Europe. The interstate US railway system has stagnated since the 1930s and your only long distance rail system travel choice is AMcrash. Granted there are many 'local' rail systems that meet the commuter's requirements to get back and forth to work, but taking a train from most major cities to another major city (with exceptions in New England where everything is close) is always faster by air.
linbb 1
Many times driving ones car can beat the airlines. One time I was going to rent a Cessna 172 to travel several states away but decided to fly commercial. Turned out I could have been there several hours earlier and on time had I done it. Most time was spent sitting waiting for the next leg of the flight.
Torsten Hoff 1
What's really sad is that near the bottom of the article is a list of city-to-city trips that are faster by bus.
Mikel Wynn 1
I'm surprised Japan wasn't mentioned in the article for comparison. Japan also has constant competition between domestic air travel and their Shinkansen bullet trains connecting their major cities. Granted there are still a few places where the Shinkansen hasn't reached yet, but when they do, competition will pick up.


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