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Feds holding firm on intrusive airport security

WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite a deluge of complaints over intrusive pat-downs and revealing airport scans, the government is betting Americans would rather fly safe than untouched. "I'm not going to change . . . ( More...

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butchwhitmon 0
I say video of a three year old little girl being "frisked" is this intrusive, personal way. She was crying out, "Stop touching Me!!" while two or three people held her and "felt her up". That is outrageous!! Stop it TSA!!! Somebody in authority please put a stop to this outrage!!
dmanuel 0
I do not know if this is true, perhaps someone can clarify. I heard that during the enhanced pat downs that those wearing adult diapers/sanitary pads are being allowed to pass without additional confirmation or verification. Does this seem like a potential loophole or security breech? Does anyone know if this is factual or just a BS rumor?
butchwhitmon 0
I'm just very uncomfortable with the whole thing. I don't know if that is true or not.
Seems we do need to be vigilant......but at what cost. I just don't think it right to pat down children in such a way. It makes be very suspicious of those agents motives.
I saw the video on one of the mainstream news shows.
Matt Comerford 0
the head TSA administrator was all over the cable news shows a few nights back saying all children under 12 are exempt from pat downs.


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