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Man Sues Southwest Airlines For Mental Anguish After Flight Lands at Wrong Airport

A man is suing Southwest Airlines after the plane he was on landed at the wrong airport, causing him “mental anguish.” The incident occurred in 2014, when Flight 4013 traveling from Chicago to Missouri landed at M. Graham Clark Downtown Airport seven miles from the intended destination of Branson Airport. ( More...

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canuck44 10
Right...four years later. This frivolous tort cries out for loser pay and if he can't pay the costs the lawyer should. The case has all the same merits as me suing Her Majesty because the WWII navy ship to which I was posted rock and rolled violently..and it leaked too. Unfortunately, PTSD was invented since then and the statute of limitations has run out.
matt jensen 1
And practically everyone threw up.....
canuck44 1
On a Prestonian class frigate we hit a hurricane on the way back from Kips. Only dry place on the whole ship was the officers showers. Not proud to admit...most of us too scared to puke. Got back to Halifax and they did not fix...just paid her off.
Chris King 3
Poor guy... must have been really difficult for him to find a lawyer who would work that case.
canuck44 2
That was probably the easy part.
Highflyer1950 2
Nice to have $75 K for every hard landing, especially the ones I caused myself! Interesting that is it not an SOP to use every navaid available when crews fly into airports they are not route checked or really familiar with?
william baker 1
You mean your the one to blame for all those hard landings lol. Thought you were an awesome lander.
patrick baker 1
what a crock of horse excretment this suit is, for if the flight landed on a short- very short runway, then there was no danger ever here. The flight crew could have averted this treasure hunt by calling ground control for taxi back to the active runway, taking off, and landed at the intended airport, no harm , no foul.Give this crybaby nothing


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