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A Decade Later, TSA Officially Drops LASP

Nearly a decade after the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) introduced the Large Aircraft Security Program (LASP) and was met with an outpouring of opposition, the agency has quietly withdrawn the rule. NBAA noted its official withdrawal, saying that, as originally written, the rule would have imposed “new, onerous, and largely unworkable security regulations on general aviation.” Instead, the association said, the business aviation community is continuing to work with the agency on… ( More...

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Larry Toler 1
I was wondering about that. When I first read the title I was thinking our USAF SP's quit guarding C5's years ago. Then I remembered there was another scheme to screw larger general aviation aircraft.
Bryan Jensen 1
Another sane pro-American development under President Trump.
Bruce Jordan 1
Thank you President Trump!!


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