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United Airlines Ups Boeing 757 Density With New Slimline Seats

United Airlines will retrofit its Boeing 757-300 fleet with slimline seats by the middle of 2018, increasing the number of economy seats on the aircraft to more than 200. ( More...

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ToddBaldwin3 2
I think I'm going to ship myself as a pet. I'd have more room in the dog crate that I use for my German Shepard.
ran3114 2
Hmmmm. Will passengers be required to meet the same type of "fit test" that is now being used to check the size of a passenger's carry-on bag before boarding the aircraft?
I love the train!
pjshield 1
Seems all these carriers are doing similar things without regard to passenger comfort...Sardine Can Class. It's all about revenue and you can bet margins of safety are compromised with these mods. Next mod will have seating on the horizontal stabilizer with an upcharge for a wind deflector!
Bernie20910 2
No, that doesn't come until after they do away with the overhead bins and install "bunk seats".

Seriously though, all this will do is increase passenger complaints and attract unwanted attention from Congress. This is especially true for American flagged carriers as government employees are required to fly on them whenever possible and .gov folks are good at directing complaints.
ToddBaldwin3 1
Thank you Bernie. I'm a .gov person posted overseas. Sardine class is unavoidable.
Bernie20910 1
My wife is also a .gov person who has to travel frequently.


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