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The Boeing 787-9 is Set to Become the New Giant in Town

The first Boeing 787 flew back in 2009, entering the scene as the expected replacement of the Boeing 747—an aircraft that was steeped in history but was also aging rapidly. Since then, we’ve seen the 787 evolve to accommodate the needs of airlines looking to create longer routes and travelers who are willing to fly insanely long distances non-stop. The Boeing 787-9 is the next step in super-long distance air travel, and it won’t be the last. Will 20-hour flights become the new normal? Hello,… ( More...

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Just my opinion, but I would opt for the A380 service with a stop over in Singapore or Hong Kong. After 15 hours sitting in a plane is enough for me. But I guess the market speaks differently..
garylovesbeer 4
Sorry bit I despise those clickbait websites!
Any flight longer than about 8 hours messes my system, so wandering around a strange airport for a few hours in a daze is hardly my idea of fun. I prefer nonstop even if it is 20 hours. Give me the A380 everytime please.

I thought this was relevant and an interesting topic.
Qantas tested the b789 from EGLL to Perth YPPH Australia guess what it did not make the trip had to stop in WSSS to refuel and the aircraft was empty test flight so there PR stunt has gone sour grapes with there BS ADVERTISING.


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