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US Probing Additional Runway Incidents at SFO

FAA recorded 1,704 runway incursions in the FY just ended, including the recent ACA incident. FAA is looking into two additional incursions at SFO. Given the number of daily flights nationally, is 1,704 a relatively large number? ( More...

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patrick baker 5
those reported numbers represent a relatively large number, given the skill levels of ;pilots and controllers. There are lapses of attention here that allow incursions to happen at all.
Jim Welch 8
When a heavy comes soooo close to putting it's wheels down on FOUR MORE on a taxiway, and they allow the Air Canada pilots to depart on their next scheduled flight without being interviewed, drug or alcohol tested, and no review of the flight recorder, something smells fishy in Denmark.
joel wiley 0
But SFO is in USA
Jim Welch 1
I am aware of that, thank you.
This AC incident took place at SFO.
joel wiley 1
Sorry, too early for thinking twice about responding.
Marcellus' line was "something is rotten in the state of Denmark".
(misattributed to Hamlet)
btweston 0
It’s an obvious conspiracy. I blame the Tralfamadorians.
WhiteKnight77 4
Years ago as a crew chief flying in Phrogs from Tustin MCAS(H), we did our damnedest to stay within the fenced in confines of our small base on take-off even though our airspace extended 2 blocks over from our base and was noted on the roof of a building in big yellow letters MCAS. The reason being, GA pilots (not all mind you) making incursions into our airspace as they flew the pattern at John Wayne there in Orange County.

What does this have to do with runway incursions? Pilots get caught up in too much and fail to pay attention to where they are and do not listen when they should. I am not blaming all pilots, heck, I wouldn't have been in the air if not for the pilots up front, but listening in on the radios, I heard much that clouds my senses on some of them. One thing I learned (and helped PUIs learn) is to pay attention to and follow the checklist.
bwalko 2
If you remove flight deck & ATC errors, the root cause is SFO will not expand its runways into the bay. SFO has/is spending billions on runway repaving, new ATC tower, major terminal renovations, a hotel and long-term parking garage. But this will not resolve the congestion as traffic increases and IFR conditions are becoming the norm. Maybe they should take some lessons from Japan's Kansai International Airport (KIX).
Dirk Jeanis 0
However, San Francisco Bay is only 1/3 its original size as it is. The problem is that we as humans must find ways to resolve our needs without further destruction of the environment. I believe that pretty much all of SFO runway areas were built on landfill.
We have Oakland and San Jose close by. San Jose has the same exact problem as SFO, parallel runways close together. At least SFO and SJC have runways that are best suited to the normal wind patterns. I have no idea about Oakland's wind patterns, they should be the same as SJ and SF, ...but the runways are not best suited to that wind pattern.
Bottom line is that the three airports need to work together with special transit systems to handle the traffic loads. Also offers of fights by various lines need to work together more to handle need without excessive expenses to customers. Connections to areas around airports need upgrade.
Bart is not that system. IT is useless overall. San Jose's system and Oakland's systems do not even handle their own needs. I know that MANY people use an airport because they can save several hundred each way on a ticket. This issue is a bigger issue and needs to be looked at systemically instead of locally.
Highflyer1950 1
Does anyone know for sure what approach the aircraft was cleared for: RNAV (RNP) 28R, LDA/DME 28R, Quiet Bridge Visual 28R, ILS/LOC 29R, RNAV (GPS) X 28R or RNAV Z 28R? If they were flying the QBV 28R I can definitely understand what the guys on the taxiway were looking at., especially since the missed approach takes them right over the taxiway in the right turn to 3000’. What ever happened to having all the lights on the active at full strength until a requested lower setting, including sequential lead in lights? We always requested the most precision app available after a long duty day.
Peter Steitz 1
There is no excuse for the ACA incident. Those pilots should have been grounded. I don't care if they were Canadians. Some of the nicest workers I know were in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Now, as piloting goes----always have the approach set up even in day VFR. RNAV or ILS. Check your instruments against your visual. If they don't match, get out of it. Something is not right. Those ACA pilots evidently did not hear me. I'm screaming now!!!!!!
gerardo godoy -2
In a broken up State anything can happen!!!
Gary Bain 2
I always thought the taxiway lights as used at London Heathrow were great. Green to go, red to stop, follow the lights to the gate. There may have been additional lighting but I haven't been there for years. Wouldn't necessarily keep a crew from lining up on a taxiway (still can't understand how that can happen with precision guidance and four airplanes on the taxiway) but it would probably stop runway incursions. Anyone have any data on how often that happens at LHR?. How about a lighted X on closed runways. How about a lighted V pointed at the approach end of the active runway? Does SFO have sequence lights? If not those would be helpful whether IFR / VFR / day or night operations are in use. Seems like some rather simple (if expensive) solutions might be available. Money better spent than on a hotel and terminal renovations. Priorities?
btweston 1


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