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Short video of low-level backcountry flying

An experienced backcountry pilot shows some of the majestic scenery in Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, and Montana. ( More...

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Jeff Bartels 4
Stirring, makes we realize that in flying a business jet at stratospheric altitudes all of the time, I am missing what tied me to flying early on ... maybe time to go find a piper super cub to do some off-duty flying
allench1 1
I agree, go put a pitts through it's paces during the day and take a citabria up, and point the nose on the moon and do dutch rolls to a nice slow song. That should bring your senses back.
Sam Johnson 1
Jeff, if you really want to do it do it in an open cockpit biplane. My wife, her first biplane ride, and I flew from Sun and Fun in Florida to Ramona, CA in a 1941 Fleet. That was a happy experience we will never forget. Never got above 1000 feet agl.
Russ Brown 3
Beautiful! Wish I had been along for the ride.
Russ Brown 2
Hi Jeff: 50 years ago I was taking low-level photos from a Cessna 180 float plane owned and piloted by an Alaska Airlines pilot. He said he did this on his time off so he could fly instead of just smiling at dispatchers for a living.
Jim Heslop 1
Just like the dreams I have of flying.....except here, there are NO powerlines! I hate powerlines!
Eric Vickery 1
What type of plane was this?
Sonicwave 1
That is one of the best videos that I have ever watched.
Good clean fun.
Jeff Bartels 1
All great thoughts everyone!
Dennis See 1
Great video!

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allench1 12
It was obviously done on a clear no wind day, most likely late in the afternoon so why throw out negative statements.
If you read the text under the video you can find this disclaimer. I think it covers your concerns:

<<<DISCLAIMER: This video was shot by an experienced backcountry pilot who pre-flies low-level routes at higher altitudes to check for obstructions. It is not intended to suggest that anyone should fly like this without having the proper background, training, and experience. For those who do, though, it sure is fun! In fact, it's why I learned to fly in the first place. Hope you enjoy.>>>
Mike Williams 1
I saw on TV crop dusters get waken up when they come up with wind electric generators without being notified. Could be fun?


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