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Air Canada says increased demand could prompt more airplane orders

Air Canada could purchase 48 more Boeing planes and an additional 30 CS300 aircraft. ( More...

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canuck44 4
The Canadian government might want to review the government subsidies granted to Boeing including the Import-Export Bank. Now that Airbus is a major Canadian investor they could be given preferences under the usual Buy Canadian theme.
Jeff Phipps 4
I wonder if Bombardier could turn the tables on Boeing and argue that since B thinks the 737 and C Series are after the same market, could they get the Cdn government to open up an investigation on Boeing subsidies and put on 300% tariffs on all B planes coming in. I would be very supportive if they did.
Curlee M Ware 2
Someday Bombardier will probobly thank Boeing, Airbus slipped Bombardier an ace under the table.


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