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Pilot compares old and new 737 jets in one weekend

Two weeks ago, Southwest Airlines retired their fleet of Boeing 737-300s and two days later inaugurated service with the new Boeing 737-8MAX jet. Southwest Pilot Herb Jackson had the opportunity to fly both. ( More...

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jeffg33 2
All they did was copy the article from Avgeekery. Super shady. Here's the original:
joel wiley 0
At least they included the avgeekery link at the bottom for attribution. Sort of like the side effects in drug commercials.
jeffg33 2
True, But they still copied it without permission...just skimming it to make ad money at the expense of others.
joel wiley 1
I was thinking of another recent squawk which lifted from avherald. At the bottom was a disclaimer it was posted under license from avherald. Wonder if this was similar.
Jamar Jackson 1
Out Witt the old, in with the new. Everything and everyone has an expiration date.


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