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Pittsburgh Airport to Be 1st Since 9/11 to Let Non-Flyers Past Security

Breaking with a practice that began after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Pittsburgh International Airport will soon allow non-ticketed patrons past its security checkpoints, NBC News reported. The airport, getting back to the "good-old days" of air travel, will let non-flyers access inside gates, shops, restaurants and artwork year-round. With approval from the Transportation Security Administration, the change will take effect Sept. 5. Non-flyers will have to check in at a special… ( More...

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ThinkingGuy 6
I can't help but suspect that ticketed passengers haven't been spending enough money at the shops and restaurants, so the airport is looking for ways to increase their revenue.
pilot0987 2
Wouldnt have been a problem in the first place if the city wasnt being greedy on taxes, driving out most traffic to other cities
deafsea 2
So, that would be longer line prior TSA check-in. Gotta be there an hour early than normal. Thank you!

I don't think the revenues will be better unless the airport shops go lower their prices. Good Luck, PIT...
Sean Sims 2
What the regurgitated report from LA (on the other side of the country) failed to note is that the airport will monitor security lines and give priority to ticketed passengers if necessary. Meaning in theory this will not impact security time for passengers.

I do agree though that airport shop prices and the ridiculous fees (trying to recoup for funding multiple millions in development for USAir which eventually left KPIT) are the factors killing the airport revenue.
sueridge307 1
I thought this was already in place even in regional airports??


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