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Boeing Donates $1 Million to Assist Hurricane Harvey Recovery and Relief Efforts

The Boeing Company [NYSE: BA] is committing $1 million from the Boeing Charitable Trust to assist with disaster relief across Texas in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the company announced today. The contributions will be directed through the American Red Cross for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts ( More...

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art bastidas 1
Venezuela set a really high mark by donating $5 million..Wow! Good for the people in need of Texas!.. :)
Thank u Boeing and all the other companies that have donated, Texas needs a lot of prayers and money to get back on their feet. God Bles them all.
Fran Turner 1
Wow! Good for Boeing. Not everyone flies, but everyone shops. So Walmart, how about donating 2 million or more? Throw in a few buckets and mops.
paul trubits 8
Walmart and Bass Pro Shops are getting publicity for their donations and you get get Bud canned water. Thank the companies and people who are donating who do not have a PR department.
fran was on the news this evening that Walmart is donating a great deal of money towards relief efforts.. in the millions..thank you boeing as well..


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