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World’s Top 25 Airlines for 2017

Apart from winning the Airline of the Year title for the fourth time, Qatar Airways also received some other major awards – the World’s Best Business Class, the World’s Best First Class Lounge and the Best Airline in the Middle East. just scroll through the photo's ( More...

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Colin Seftel 11
Not a single US airline in the top 25.
Jim Highfill 4
I thought the same thing.
Aaron Harris 1
That sucks...
Aaron Harris 1
That sucks...
I am not surprised at all about any American Airlines making the list.
I flew Air Canada Rouge in May, and the service was wonderful.
ian mcdonell 1
yes I have

and they are not
djames225 1
So Qatar Airways wins top airline of the year, and then butthead Al Baker goes and insults the North American airlines flight attendants?...what a baffoon!
ian mcdonell 0
garuda indonesia - in the top 25??????

who voted for this?
jeff slack 6
Have you flown them in the last 4 years?
Incredible airline these days.

No, USA airlines (?) I am surprised there is a surprise being expressed in this thread.

Most people (except Americans fooling themselves) stay away from US carriers.
joel wiley -1
Announced at the Paris Air Show "World's Top 25 Airlines flying Airbus Products for 2017". Criteria are Toulouse?


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