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Cessna 310R crashes on 405 freeway near John Wayne Airport

Cessna 310R crashes short of runway 20R at John Wayne Airport. 2 injuries reported so far. ( More...

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joel wiley 2
Cessna 310R N87297
2 injuried sent to hospital
UPDATE: Pilot declared mayday after takeoff reporting engine failure
Single engine in a light twin requires near perfect pilot performance. Especially right after t/o. Wishing them a speedy recovery.
joel wiley 1
The occupants are reported in stable condition as reported by:

Watching the car's cellphone video (which like most things in Calif is illegal), it appeared that the plane hit the concrete median barrier first and spilled much of the fuel on the NB side of the freeway. ATC advised pilot that his wheels were still up just before he called the mayday. Idle speculation I know, but had the nose wheel been down and snagged the barrier, would the plane have been likely to go end-over-end with worse results?

Hope for a speedy recovery w/o burns.


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