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Miami flight attendant marks 50 years in the skies

This year, Barbara Beckett marked her 50th anniversary as a flight attendant, a career that once would have been ended after a decade by mandatory retirement rules. ( More...

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Not many can be with one employer for this long ... Anyone know who has more years in aviation than her ?
Well Rob, she is number 3 in seniority, so there are 2 other flight attendants that have been with American longer. I know Continental has 2 very senior flight attendants as well.
Good for her, many more happy miles in the sky......
Very impressive; I wish her many happy returns until she does finally decide to retire :-)
It was my understanding from the story, # 1 and # 2, were "in the business" but no mention of them or their employers ... not that they were with American ..
NPS Rasmussen 0
50 years!
thats so cool
Keep it up
Wow! Impressive. I hope she's on my flight someday. She must love it if she's still doing it! Wonderful!
Kenneth Gill 0
I have a friend (also named Barbara) who at 67 is a flight attendant for Southwest. Is she 35 or 67 . . . you can't tell, and no artificial enhancements.
JOHNNY2000 0
Congratulations for her...
Bob Kerr 0
Congratulations Barbara, you are an inspiration to us all. The world needs more people like you. Your Company needs to be commended as well.
zulu44 0
My ex-sis-in-law has been flying with United for at least 35 years as well and I envy her devotion as I do Barbara's. Congrats to them both and many more miles in the sky to them!!
Thomas Moore 0
I bet she's seen her share of turbulence.. WTG !!
NPS Rasmussen 0
this is cool.
Heinz Erdmann 0
When I fly with US-Airlines, I think some have already 60 years in the sky.
Congratulations Barbara! You are an inspiration to girls everywhere and so are the 2 flight atendants that Joel Rodriguez said have been with American longer.
Lynn OJala 0
I am a 33 year flight attendat with NWA (now Delta) Our most senior flight attendant began flying in 1951 and now has 59 years of experience. We are merging our seniority list with the Delta flight attendants and the person at the top of the Delta seniority list began flying in 1959 and has 51 years of flying experience.
zulu44 0
Heinz - your comment made me laugh. Thanks! I needed that!
Lynn OJala 0
I think Heinz and Zoe need to remember the flight attendants on the Hudson River flight had lots of came in handy and nobody seemed to mind what they looked like!
zulu44 0
I by no means meant an insult. I just chuckled when I read Heniz's reply. In fact, I'm quite pleased that senior attendants exist. There should be more of them! And more power to them!


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