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Gusty winds delay demolition of McCarran airport tower

Gusty winds on Thursday halted crews from starting the $1.99 million demolition of the former air traffic control tower at McCarran International Airport, the Federal Aviation Administration said. ( More...

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Charles Peele -6
Isn't that just like the government? Complain about a wind storm that could have helped blow the tower down. But then they probably would not have gotten time aND a half waiting for the weather to subside!............CTP
masonite 6
A quick glance at the article would tell you that they're taking the tower down piece by piece so they can reuse the base for offices. So, no, it wasn't people looking for overtime.
Charles Peele 0
Sorry Mr Colvin, what sanatorium removed your sense of humor? Yes, I was totally aware of what was going on..................C


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