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Guy Tries to Prove Earth is Flat with a Level on a Plane -- Gets Owned on Social Media

A flat-earth conspiracy theorist took a spirit level on a plane to “prove” the earth is flat. He also filmed it... Presumably in the name of science? ( More...

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dee9bee 7
I'm reminded of the Congressman (woman?) a few years back that felt that the addition of troops in Guam would make the island tip over.
John Hodge 7
hahaha, that was Rep Hank Johnson from Georgia.
Kris Durbin 2
You can't fix stupid.
Bernie20910 9
But you sure can elect it!
sparkie624 1
That much is certain... Just look at Congress and the last 4 years in the White House!
Tim Marks 6
And I bet the chem trail left over from that flight across the country has likely sent at least one more species of bug into the gravity that holds this nut job to the earth has nothing to do with the need for thrust and lift to keep him in the air and that Newton's first law of gravity has no effect on an aircraft that is constantly trying to fall (fly) back to earth? Did this guy even pay attention to anything to do with math in school? Did he finish school, he is a blogger...
Rob Harrison 4
This man is perfect for elected office! I'll bet he has a degree from an Ivy League university.
oh my..either this man has the brains god gave a flea, or he is doing the old "sucker in every crowd" routine trying to get his name in the news..
sparkie624 1
Either way.... He succeeded in getting into the news!
How can he do all that without laughing even a little bit?
sparkie624 0
The only thing he could have proven with a level is that the a/c flexes in flight.. and DOH.. If it doesn't it is going to break into small pieces..
linbb 0
This is worse than the grocery store tabloids anymore.


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