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Incident: Air Canada plane diverted after passenger tries to open door

An Air Canada flight from Jamaica to Toronto was diverted to Orlando, Florida, after authorities say a passenger became aggressive, attacked the crew with coffee pots and tried to open the cabin door. ( More...

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Ronnie B. 4
Good luck opening the door in flight.
sparkie624 2
Very True.. that is a Plug door and with nearly 10 PSI the Hulk would have a very hard time opening it... Not going to happen... But that person had to be deboarded!
Wayne Fox 4
Sounds like he had a psychotic break and became suicidal. What led to his problem only he could say right now. Thank goodness that nobody was seriously hurt including him. At 33, there could be many different forms of pressure that he was under. Hope he gets the help he needs and can eventually be returned to his family as it sounds that they have other serious problems of their own. Main thing, everyone onboard is safe.
sparkie624 4
I remember a long time ago on a Dash 8. I was sitting on the Front Row on the Isle when an Elder Lady was headed to the Lav (Lav is Up Front and to the Right on that plane. She Turned Left and Grabbed the Pax Door Handle... I jumped up and prevented from trying just a the same time the FA in the rear of the plane noticed the same thing... I pointed her in the correct direction... I doubt that she could have opened the door, but I was not going to take a chance on it either!
paul gilpin 2
i would have had to go to the Lav before her after an incident like that. good job.
Lifetime airline travel ban and check him/her into the local loonie bin, IMHO
I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are never affected by mental illness. Few mentally ill people are a danger to others, and when dealt with calmly and humanely, most situations can be de-escalated successfully.
Jim Heslop 1
Chalk one up for your insite! I know just what you speak of. As much as one wants to be able to escape and just get away from it all, those who have a mental illness just can not escape it. It is ALWAYS with you. I speak from it first hand.
We do our absolute best to keep it from rearing its ugly head but in enclosed, confined spaces, it will seem that, as in this case here, EVERYONE is against you regardless of those trying to help.
We hate it.
Once it is diagnosed, it can be treated medically and with proper counciling, we learn to control it instead of it controlling us. But it is always there...
I hope that this incident will be the catylist that he gets to realize that something is not right and get the proper help that he (and his family) need.
Tom Hines 1
Lifetime ban, and good luck to him in his future endeavors.
Desmond Ruff 1
Maybe he smoked something laced with something during his vacation. Especially if that was totally out of character for him like the wife stated. Just a thought.
Greg Zelna 1
Commercial flying would be great... If only for the passengers....
Now you know why tasers should be on board.
Carl Bendix 1
5 special needs kids...
Mike Malin 1
Decend to below 8000 at a reduced air speed and help him out the door .
Highflyer1950 -4
Let me see here, Jamaica on the bucket list for a vacation. Don't suppose he smoked way too much "Ganga" and flipped out on the plane do you? And Trudeau want to legalize this stuff in Canada!
jkirk420 14
Had he in face smoked too much "ganJa", he would've been passed out in the terminal and missed the flight, or asleep on the beach eating chips ahoy.
jkirk420 2
I see what you did, ahoy and beach...
Pot doesn't make one flip out. You're thinking of alcohol. If he was high he would've been asleep or listening to music.
Sam Hernandez 3
That sort of behavior sounds like a first-time drug user to me.
If they served pot on planes instead of alcohol, you'd have a lot fewer unruly passengers... but deplaning would take forever!
SorenTwin 0
Says the guy who's never smoked too much pot.


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