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Malaysia analysis of MH370 debris supports mid-air breakup

Malaysia has released an 81 page report into its study of probable pieces of MH370 washed up on Indian Ocean shores ( More...

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C Anderson 6
There will never be conclusive proof as to exactly what happened to MH370, exactly where, or exactly why. The best we'll every have is speculation. If you don't want speculation then do not, repeat DO NOT, read or listen to any more "reports" about this terrible tragedy. When the final report is issued, it will be all speculation and theory. Sorry, but that's as good as this one gets, like it or not.
It's all speculation and theory, and until the final report is issued, it will continue. I am getting tired of all of it.
I agree as the wing flap indicates a water borne crash and the very limited information given from the flaperon and other parts suggest again a waterborne impact. So all these stupid theories are past the annoying stage and yes until a final report is issued I wonder why these ill-informed are still published.

Make you own conclusions??????
siriusloon 2
I was going t say all those people who believed it was sitting on a dirt strip somewhere in the SEA jungle will be feeling foolish now, but all of them probably still believe that and even if the wreckage is found on the seabed some day, they'll claim it's a fake airframe put there to hide the "true" story.
it is so annoying how it goes on and on. i am all for the people who lost family members on that flight but there i never going to be a way soon to prove how the plane crashed.
any sorry
yeah there is never going to be ant proof
Shenghao Han 2
There is no way they can tell it is inflight breakup at all...
sadly the only real conclusion is that the plane disappeared from radar,the locations was not defined after all of the searching,and many people obviously lost their lives..the oceans are full of various kinds of debris,and even things washing up on some shoreline after time,might not be associated with that aircraft..the media covered the disappearance of the aircraft and even the finding of debris for quite a long time,and then it was old news, so they c Anderson said,it appears there will never be any conclusive proof as to the what,where and why of the aircrafts disappearance...
linbb 2
Again depending on how you read it and who is doing it back to the same old thing nothing is a sure thing about it still. Then there is the internet person.....if its on the net must be true...statement about some picture he or she studied.....again noting for sure as possibly it could have been.
Good and encouraging piece of info from technical and social points of view.
I have been following MH370 from and investigative point of view for over three years and have to say the article is singular, ill-informed not researched and repetitive media sensational babble. Wreckage analysis to date leads towards impact forces and some localised torsional and tearing forces. Unfortunately not found for a full wreckage analysis, the 9M-MRO ACARS airborne message before turned off indicated a healthy aircraft. Thereafter pings indicate a flight of up to 7 plus hours. So the end of flight of around 20 or so minutes airtime is a small window for just suddenly mid air breakup. Best await a full report before re-hashing tiresome articles and we haven't seen the BEA flaperon report yet. Following is a wreckage report that does include the analysis of the flap/flaperon relationship. Much more is available on flaperon tests etc but all other data (Inmarsat/Boeing/drift analysis) is highly variable so the found items are the only physical items. Some are not even 100% confirmed a some are unverifiable. lucky for all my last rant on this!


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