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Passenger plane crashed at Wau airport in South Sudan

A South Supreme Airlines plane crashed at South Sudan's Wau airport with 44 passengers on board. ( More...

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Richard Orgill 2
Nothing like keeping the crowd's back for investigative purposes.
linbb 1
Oh yes and another troll reposting.
rapidwolve 1
Glad all are alive...unfortunately probably never know the hows or whys but fingers crossed
rapidwolve 2
I stand corrected...from this report, it appears to have hit a fire truck while landing.
And I got to love The Mirror and MetroUK.."Passenger plane crashes at airport 'leaving 44 people dead'"...dumb doorbell reporters
linbb 1
Needs to be rewritten as makes very little sense as it simply crashed and burned.
linbb 0
Too late already posted troll.
Kevin Brown 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

South Sudan Plane Crash: Passenger Deaths Feared At Wau Airport [PHOTOS]

A passenger plane reportedly carrying nearly 44 passengers crashed at Wau Airport in South Sudan Monday, though it wasn't immediately clear whether the commercial flight was landing or taking off from the tarmac. Photos spread across social media showing a plane apparently burning out its engine and going up in smoke as workers and crowds gathered to survey the damage.

Images showed the plane's tail end had been separated from the commercial vehicle and was clouded in smoke as teams rushed to spray the area down with large hoses.
Cade Emtage 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Passenger plane crashed at Wau airport in South Sudan

A South Supreme Airlines plane crashed at South Sudan’s Wau airport. All 44 passengers on board are feared dead. Fire engines rushed to the plane when it crash-landed and started to burn. South Supreme Airlines is a South Sudanese airline which began operations in September 2013. The airline was formed using the fleet of Feeder Airlines which operated two Fokker 50As. As of May 2014 the airline had regularly scheduled flights three times a week between Juba and Entebbe.


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