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EMERGENCY: DAL2312 Boeing 717 lands at KGPT after reporting “loss of flight control”

The call came in shortly after 9:30 a.m., saying that Delta Flight 2312 had a "loss of flight control." The plane landed successfully without any injuries to the 98 people on board. ( More...

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krafsurjoe 4
This same aircraft just had another incident today...pretty much exactly the same, yikes
Double yikes. Get that baby to the doctor.
matt jensen 1
It was going to Gulfport. Reg schd svc
Tom Bruce 1
declared "emergency" = priority landing??
ar4479 1
Waiting for the ATC recording to be available, to get the whole story...
dee9bee 1
The flight controls are cable and pulley, as on the MD80, I'm assuming. Trim problem perhaps, like Alaska Air several years ago? Don't know, of course.


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