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The New Air Canada Colors

Now in Ask the Pilot: The New Air Canada. Finally, a livery to love! "...The raccoon-face windscreen is both roguish flourish and a throwback to the liveries of old, when cockpit windows were often masked in black to reduce sun glare. All together, it's a proud design that says one thing and says it beautifully: Air Canada. That might seem redundant, but the trend in liveries over the past fifteen years, relying on hoary "in motion" themes and overly tangled motifs, has left… ( More...

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Chip Fricke 5
Looks too much like the old Delta livery...
Neil49 4
Actually, it looks too much like the CURRENT Delta livery.
Actually, it looks too much like the OLD Air Canada design.

Only differences are: circle around the maple leaf on the tail elevator, black paint on the engine cowlings, black on the letters, and relocation of the maple leaf on the forward section of the fuselage.
Sorry, I didn't notice your posts before I posted just now regarding the Delta colors similarities. Anyway the link is still a good story and the hospitality of Whitehorse, Yukon…
Well, it does have a big maple leaf on the tail, so that helps.
joel wiley 3
"It was a dark and stormy night."
"Rising above a tarmac jammed with meaningless swooshy things, pretentious patterns and too-fancy textures, comes the new Air Canada."
But the design does look good.
You copied the usual marketing baloney quite well, congratulations! All this verbal inflation can not hide the fact that Air Canada is also squeezing in more passengers in their older aircraft, and choosing uncomfortable high density layouts for long haul in their new aircraft. I fill continue to try to avoid their flying torture chambers.
joel wiley 3
Was commenting on the purple prose on the exterior. Interior description left to the victims.
Dan Chiasson 1
True but any airline doing otherwise? Forget it guys,,,, the days of aviation travel being any more than a bus at 35k feet are long past. At least for 98% of the flying public. The only differentiator that remains is quality of service. And in this regard, AC is the same as most of the legacy airlines; typically overpaid very senior unionized grumpy crew. And that is what allowed WestJet to rapidly grow to what they are today.
Jim Heslop 1
I think it was the same design team that came up with that new 'City of VANCOUVER' logo! I wonder if Air Canada spent thousands of $ on this design! Lol!
Anyone notice some similarities to the Delta flight colors that had to land at Whitehorse on Saturday, Mar 4, 20017?? Coincidence…???

PS: First post and I couldn't find any way to add the Delta flight photo.
why is this such a big deal? every airline after a few years ,or a few changes,or a few mergers, or even the purchase of new aircraft,changes their livery either in a major way or in a subtle way..usually its in conjunction with a new ad campaign and a new slogan or motto as well..this "new" air Canada paint job for its aircraft is simple and elegant..when american changed from the basic silver with red white and blue and the aa eagle to its current livery,that was a major change and they even got the employees involved in a contest to help choose it..
TWA55 1
Agree, a Delta look, not a WOW factor here. Maybe they should dump the maple leaf and go for a hockey stick and puck
Alan Dahl 1
Wow, sure are a lot of Grumpy Gus's here, while there are a few aspects of the design I would change like putting the forward maple leaf up top next to "Air Canada" overall it's a classy design. Have to agree with Mr Smith on wanting return of the window-level cheat line too.
chalet 1
Very poor livery design chosen


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