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Alaska volcano ash clouds could reroute flights in 2017

Since Dec 14, 2016, Bogoslof in Alaska's Aleutian Islands has erupted more than two dozen times, with two acres on the island's east side disappearing. Ash clouds have been sent higher than 20,000 feet, potentially in the path of jetliners flying between North America and Asia. ( More...

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pirahna432 1
My airline flies to Dutch Harbor, right next to Bogoslof. Lots of cancelled flights this winter.
Would this effectively rule out any emergencies going into Cold Bay? Because to get there you'd have to descend through the ash to get down.

If so, flights better hope that they can make it to PANC, as King Salmon looks to be their only last suitable airport for deviation.

I take that back. they'll just cancel or turn back around, like they did when Mt. Redoubt blew its top a few years ago.
pirahna432 1
Depends which direction the wind is blowing.


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