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KC Man sentenced to three years in federal prison for laser strike

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Tammy Dickinson, United States Attorney for the Western District of Missouri, announced today that a Kansas City, Mo., man has been sentenced in federal court for aiming his laser pointer at a Kansas City, Mo, Police Department helicopter. ( More...

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As much as laser strikes have been in the news and the dialogue of their potential harm and consequences for laser strikes, anyone being stupid enough to commit such a moronic act deserves a lengthy sentence. If nothing else, for being such an idiot despite all the published warnings. At least stupid people like that will be off the streets for a little while.
canuck44 6
Federal prison...not going to get time off for good behavior or "turning over his life". He will do the whole time.
joel wiley 5
Sounds like the length of the sentence was for the actor rather than the act.

'The government, in a sentencing memorandum to the court, described Rogers’s conduct as “another example of the criminally antisocial behavior that (his) extensive criminal history shows to be part of his daily life.”'
dave mcc 4
You yanks just love imprisoning people. You lead the world in incarceration of your citizens, you jail more people than Russia and China combined even though you are only 5% of the world's population. One in every 32 US citizen is under the control of the American justice system, either in jail or on parole. But hey you use a for profit system and there's money to be made taking away someone's liberty. Yes I agree that a laser pointer if used incorrectly can be harmful, but come on 3 years in the slammer, I think there could be much more useful creative methods of teaching an offender. But hey this is America where there's a buck to be made off jailing it's citizens.
Edgar Murphy 1
We're also proud that we lead the world in NOT dragging people out into the street and shooting them in the head.
Bill Root 1
Dave, did you read the article to completion that mentions the fact that this guy has a long record of criminal behavior ? Slim chance he is going to come out even after 3 years as a reformed model citizen.
AWAAlum 1
No "yank" bashing allowed. Thank you very much.
joel wiley -2
perhaps your statistics are alternate facts, can you provide some substantiation for them? What would you propose for the length of a 'timeout' for this offense? Did you happen to read far enough in the article to see what I posted elsewhere in the thread? We 'yanks' don't love imprisoning people. It is tedious, expensive and clogs up the courts. Sadly, a proportion of our citizens, of which we 'yanks' have in greater abundance than you 'canuks', are less well behaved than our counterparts North of the 49th parallel
dave mcc 3
dave mcc 3
joel wiley 0
Thank you.
A discussion of the US penal system digresses from the subject of aviation. I'd be glad to discuss it in a different forum if you'd like. Send me a PM over in the discussions section - userid joelwiley
mike SUT 3
Is that all he got? Think of the consequences if he had successfully blinded the pilot. They usually fly with a pilot and an observer. (usually not a pilot). The helo crashes in a neighborhood killing all on board because the pilot can't see, houses and people below are destroyed with casualties, perhaps deaths, and the cost in lives and property damage is priceless. I repeat my question, and that is all he got? probably will get time off for time served and "good" behavior too boot.
joel wiley 1
According to this, 47 - 54 days/year time off for good behavior.
With an extensive criminal record, I wonder how likely it is that he will 'straighten up and fly right'
Cade foster 1
Finally a consequence for doing this! Other weak judges should grow a pair and do the same!
Oh and parents should be parents and do their jobs as well!
AWAAlum 2
The offender is 26 years old. Just how long are parents to be held responsible.
eccsandiego 1
If the dirtball can stay on his parents' health insurance through his current age, then maybe his parents can be held responsible? 😉
Mark Miller 1
Does anyone know how he got caught?
joel wiley 1
I googled his name and 'laser'. Did not find a detailed 2014 report of the arrest but did find a sentencing memorandum that defense presented. It has some detail of his background:
I found it mildly interesting, YMMV


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