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Frontier COO steps down 2 weeks after VP of customer relations

Frontier Airline’s chief operating officer, Bill Meehan, stepped down from his job effective Jan. 3, the Denver-based carrier said Monday. ( More...

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dee9bee 5
Regarding the Denver Post article, I'm sick of the Weather Channel's practice of naming winter storms. The Post seems to have embraced it as well. (Time for my afternoon nap!)
scott8733 2
Agreed. TWC (and most of the on air 'personalities') have become nothing more than info-tainment as well as an agenda outlet for NBC.

I have been using Weathernation/ AccuWeather and seem to get around just fine.
dee9bee 1
Absolutely. Imagine a weather channel that actually covers the weather, that's Weather Nation. Fortunately, we now have the 'net as well to draw from.
dc3orbust 3
Frontier took Midwest express, a great regional, and decimated about everything it had built up. Practically abandoning KMKE in the process. They can rot in Hades for all I care. Hopefully it doesn't sound like I carry a big grudge.
scott8733 1
Amen, DC3. I still miss the smell of the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
I hope they can get it straightened out. I actually like flying Frontier, it's nice to be able to catch a low price flight for a quick trip now and again, and just pay for the services I want. But their response to that storm was a mess.
N5827P 2
Frontier hardly really an airline at all anyway.


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