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Incident: Southwest B737 near Jackson on Dec 6th 2016, loss of cabin pressure

A Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-300, registration N374SW performing flight WN-214 from Atlanta,GA to Houston Hobby,TX (USA) with 118 passengers and 5 crew, was enroute at FL300 over Jackson,MS (USA) when the crew initiated an emergency descent due to the loss of cabin pressure, the passenger oxygen masks deployed ( More...

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sparkie624 1
No surprising... A Very Very Old a/c.... Would like to see some pics of the plane... I wonder if they blew another Tear Strip Panel? again.. Going back to crappy maintenance.
djames225 1
I thought US govt mandate of US registered craft meant after it had 60,000 flight cycles it was to be retired? would think this 1 is dang close, if not over.
Tim Lamborn 1
Well let's do the math. According to FlightAware, This a/c has done anywhere from 5 to 8 cycles a day. Averaging 6 for the sake of argument that's 2190 a year and 50,370 in 23.5 years. At 8 cycles per day it would be over 68,000. Less maintenance days etc. getting close is right.
Tim Lamborn 1
N374SW Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-3H4(WL) - cn 26582 / 2515
Airframe Details

N374SW Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-3H4(WL)
Construction Number (MSN) 26582
Line Number 2515
Aircraft Type Boeing 737-3H4
First Flight 30. Jul 1993
Tim Lamborn 1
23.4 Years


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