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Ghost airplane casts a pall over A350-1000 rollout

Airbus presented dignitaries and media at the debut of its latest model with an unexpected sight: a white-painted $300-million A350 jetliner being prepared for delivery without an airline livery, considered an alarm signal in the aerospace industry because they usually signify that they have been built without an airline in place to operate them. ( More...

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Jim DeTour 2
A white plane whoopee. With no info on interior it could be a private jet, corporate, government or government scientific. Oh yah there are those commercial guys too.
Ltc Ron Butts 1
Its an airbus, video game with wings why does anyone buy this crap
Most of these posts reflect an extremely sophomoric approach to the economics of new aircraft marketing. The political rant is especailly juvenile.
Ian Deans 2
What utter this one is all over means nothing when over 750 A350s already sold.
bizprop 1
They have orders for over 750. Orders can be cancelled, deferred or switched to other types.
Robin Shaw 2
Look, if anything were to miss the government would have told us so.
Now please pardon me, I have to stack another truckload of paper at the treasury presses.
Roy Hunte 2
Sold already, to AerCap, they'll deal with it from there.
Mark Duell 6
It's ultimately going to be a problem for Airbus if AerCap can't place them.
linbb 2
Ho Hum so they are having trouble selling them big deal get over it and move on.
Roy Hunte 3
Typical journalists looking for a negative story.
Ian Deans 1
Hardly having trouble selling them...over 750 sold already...enough said.
David Stark 1
Evidently the reporter is unaware of the all-white privately owned Boeing 767.
Kinda like all the 'Terrible Teens' 787s scattered around PAE...
gerardo godoy -4
Hahahaha, what idiotic reporting. "Ghost Plane", Airbus is beating the hell out of Boeing so maybe the leftist company sent this guy out there to discredit Airbus. Beautiful aircraft the new A350-1000. Good Show Airbus!!
Ltc Ron Butts 1
Airbus throw away crap
Ian Deans 1
Your comment is crap. Beautiful aircraft...over 750 sold...enough said.


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