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Air Canada posted CAD$768 million net income in third quarter

Air Canada posted a 75.7 percent jump in net income to CAD$768 million for its third quarter, on higher traffic and lower costs. Operating revenue in the quarter to end September was CAD$4.45 billion, a 10.6 percent increase from last year. ( More...

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Yeah... And they continue to be cheap Bastards .... And don't get me started on the Poppy issue !!!!!! Grrr
laundryczar 3
I'm just a passenger without any professional contact, but maybe they could put some of that money into improving their booking system and Comcast quality customer service. Perhaps I have just had a couple of years of unusually bad luck, but it was bad enough for me give up direct contact and use two different travel agents, both of whom told me my experiences were typical.
The poor airlines ,only a 758 million for the quarter, they need raise fares.
RadBaron 1
Air Canada: WE'RE not happy until YOU'RE not happy :D
I've flown on Air Canada for five decades. I first flew on TCA in 1963. It was a new Rolls Royce Conway powered DC-8-40. I've never experienced a problem on an Air Canada flight. Ever. Just lucky I guess..
I have never had a problem with Air booking or anything else.


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