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The best airline in the world just added a new fee its customers will hate

Dubai-based Emirates Airlines just made a policy change this week that probably won't make its customers very happy. The world's largest international airline announced that it will "institute a minimal charge" for certain economy class passengers who wish to select their seats in advance of their flight. Passengers should expect to pay $15 per person for short flights and $40 per person for long-haul flights, AP reported. Fiji Airways former Air Pacific the little Fijian… ( More...

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sueridge307 3
That's a rip off anything to get away with new charges. What next a fee for flushing the toilet IN aft REAR GALLEYS??. I bet you won't find that in business class would you.
RadBaron 2
I'm just wondering why the fee increase on a longer flight? Does the plane reconfigure in mid-air? :D

No reason, just policy!


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