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Textron's Beechjet 400XPR

The Hawker winglets are actually benifitual. The Garmin G5000 saves weight. The Williams engines are designed for aircraft and produce more thrust. Winglets $275,000 Garmin G5000 $450,000 Williams Engines $2,300,000 I'm hearing great things about this modification to the Beechjet airframe. ( More...

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Torsten Hoff 2
>> The Williams engines are designed for aircraft[...]

As opposed to what?
hjet 2
The Williams engines in the Nextant Beechjet, as I understand, were originally designed for missiles and then adjusted to work on the Nextant. Nothing wrong with that.
Torsten Hoff 2
Interesting info -- thanks. I would think the missile engines weren't designed with long MTBF and overhauls in mind.
hjet 1
Yeah, I think they are a stage two or three version of the original. I think very safe. The XPR has a bit more thrust as well.
The original Pratt engines produce 2,965 lbs of thrust at SL and standard ISA. The XPR engines are 3,700 lbs de rated to 3,200 + lbs of thrust in the same conditions.


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