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FedEx flight over shoots runway

yes that is what happened to a FEDEX flight on arrival at Syracuse. This flight obviously came in too hot. I watched as the pilots made a right turn, then left decending, then acending making a 360 to retry at 6:43 am. Sorry no picks but the link above will show you the strange flight. After it landed I left, and later saw the pilot walking to Candlewoods hotel. Honestly, never seen a 757 make the turns they did and the altitudes noted 1600 to 2200 feets. ( More...

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Joel Owens 2
Not exactly worthy of a squawk...You make it sound like they ran off the runway. Maybe ATC left him at a high altitude too close to the airport, what more did you want him to do to maneuver for descent?
Torsten Hoff 2
"Overshoots runway" means that he touched down and ran off the end of the runway. That is not what happened here.
joefly09 1
Maybe I stated it wrong, but first time I seen that before by a 757. But it was a awesome site and moment.
"...obviously came in too hot..." because you're the resident B757F expert?


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