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U.S. sends F-22 warplanes to Romania

Two of the world's most advanced warplanes have touched down in Romania for the first time, near the shores of the Black Sea and just a short hop from Ukraine, the Crimean Peninsula and Russia. The United States sent the F-22 Raptors to southeastern Europe two weeks after Russian fighter jets buzzed an American warship in the Baltic Sea. ( More...

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Good move, but keep it quiet unless we are only sabre rattleing again. Seems that is all we can do lately
That will scare the the hell out of the Russians
Well, we finally found a use for the F22--landing in a dubious country. I worked on this plane back in the design phase, and wondered even then why in the hell we were developing another air superiority fighter.
Jeff Kowal 0
I sincerely hope that they are under the command of the us military. And we should stop telling all about every move the military takes, what was that ww2 phrase, loose lips sink ships!!!!!.


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