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A.R.R.O.W, Donald

Donald Trump's Citation X registration lapsed. Guess he'll be limited to the 75. ( More...

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I would think every pilot who flew the plane would be the ones in trouble.
Ric Wernicke 3
The plane might have been registered under a new name. I'm guessing "Hair Force One."
joel wiley 2
ULS1 (UFO Landing Site) 1 maybe?
Highflyer1950 2
I agree, the pic should be paying more attention to the validity of the documents on board the aircraft prior to any flight mission. I'm not a fan of the Trumpster but has more to do with legality than hype.
matt jensen 4
"On March 1, DJT Operations CX was notified that the registration had expired"

So did the FAA order the jet to not be flown? Did they send anyone out to seize it or stop flight ops?
cstolz 3
Someone is getting fired...
chalet 3
When he himself if going to get de-registered (Limao)
joel wiley 2
The rich are different. They get away with these kinds of things.
True. But I'll bet there are more c150's flying expired than citations. Registering every 3 years for the same ownership is a government gotcha anyway.
Cade foster 2
Remember who pays the bulk of the tax these days, especially with over 30% of Americans paying no taxes. Hate be jealous of the wealthy if you must but without their tax dollars how would the President/Congress waste tax dollars?
joel wiley 3
You have a good point. However, does that entitle them exemption from laws to which the rest of us are subject?
30west 2
That percentage is in approaching 50% of Americans who don't pay Federal income the 45-49% range.
Cade foster 1
Right 30west,never have handouts been as high than the last 7 1/2 years.... Many many many times greater actually. But the left adheres to an ignorance is bliss strategy. not to mention handouts = votes
Mr. Competent
allench1 2
He has an extremely large breakdown of companies and I would seriously doubt that he himself would be involved. I am sure he has an aviation department headed by an experienced manager. so your hateful remarks should be used on, lets say, a more adolescent site.
layman85 3
He is listed as "sole member" of the LLC in which the plane was registered, and his signature was on the registration.
allench1 3
That has no bearing on this issue. His flight director maintains day to day functions.
paul trubits 1
Speaking of Trump: He flew into KSBY(my neighborhood)last night in his B757. Why was his flight not on FA? Is it normal not to track certain types of flights(POTUS, candidates, etc.)?
With just cause you can get the FAA to block flight tracking.
Hopefully Trump, but since he never thinks he makes mistakes, not likely.
bill carpenter -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Donald Trump Flying in his unregistered Cessna

Donald Trump's flying an unregistered Cessna Citation.

Tail Number: N725DT
Mike Atkins 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Donald Trump needs a new jet?

He's trying for a job that comes with one, let's see him campaign with out one. His Secret Service detail won't be happy, and I wonder what his codename is? Good Hands? Good Hair? YUGE?


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