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Incident: India B787-8 near Kolkata on Mar 29th 2016, engine problem

An Air India Boeing 787-800, registration VT-ANR performing flight AI-315 from Hong Kong (China) to Delhi (India) with 154 passengers, was enroute at FL380 over Myanmar about 500nm east of Kolkata (India) when the crew reported an engine (GEnx) problem, drifted down to FL260 and diverted to Kolkata for a safe landing about 100 minutes after leaving FL380. ( More...

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Not huge deal
But either air India has really bad luck....or really bad maintenance issues
Maybe touch of both??
william baker 2
It's maintence issues. They have had more issues with the 787 they other airlines around the world and they blame Boeing who isn't to blame. If they did preventive maintence like they should these issues won't keep coming up.
Ian Deans 1
How do you know that they don't do preventative maintenance? What proof do you have?
chalet 2
What is important about this, nothing, this happens 10 times a week all around the world


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