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American Airlines calls arrest of co-pilot 'serious matter,' apologizes to customers

American Airlines co-pilot arrested at Detroit Metro Airport after failing sobriety tests. American Airlines has released a statement. ( More...

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Loral Thomas 1
Suspect American has an FO opening now. What's going on with the crews lately: JetBlu, United and now American have had their dirty laundry in the media this past week and that's never good for business.
matt jensen 1
gee - ya think?
Would the PIC be in trouble if he failed to report the condition of the man? According to the new report, I know, but it says security was the ones who called police.
DUI ... oops .... FUI ..... or an attempt to .
How can anyone be so stupid? This is not a drunk this is an alcoholic. He has most likely done this in the past and was able to get away with it by enabling fellow employees. Not detected by the pilot in command but by security. Time for American Airlines to look hard at its procedures. We have not heard from AOPA yet.
andromeda07 1
More on this:

He may have been on more than alcohol because the symptoms seem far worse than the tested blood alcohol level.


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