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Boeing wins contract to build new Air Force One presidential jets

Boeing Co (BA.N) has won a contract to start preliminary work on a new fleet of Air Force One presidential aircraft based on its 747-8 jumbo jet, the Pentagon said on Friday.....No real surprises here as I doubt anyone would have thought the DOD would use Airbus. ( More...

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Well, keep in mind that the DOD did go Northrop Grumman/EADS with the KC-X tanker contract, until Boeing cried foul with the bids, causing the DoD to restart the bidding process for the contract.

So the presidential aircraft project could easily have gone NG/EADS/Airbus. But here we are.
As far as I know Airbus did not even put in a bid.
For the VC25 project, no, they did not put in a bid. For the KC-X competition, they did, and were rewarded it:

Boeing cried foul over it, protested it, to where the KC-X competition was reopened, which Boeing re-bid, which NG/EADS cried foul over the subsidies that Boeing receives, to where they protested by refusing to enter a bid for the project.
Thanks for the clarification!
Chris B 2
In thirty years, the President is going to have to down size his requirements to two engines.
deafsea 1
Agreed... Time to saving the fuel and costly.
elcockm 2
i knew that boeing would have got it over airbus
Chris Sloan 1
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Boeing Receives First Contract for New Air Force One Based on the 747-8 Intercontinental

The United States Air Force has granted Boeing the first contract to replace the country’s presidential “Air Force One“ fleet with a modified version of the 747-8.
bashdan 1
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US Air Force, Boeing begin work on new Air Force One

Air force officials and Boeing engineers have started the years-long process of replacing Air Force One, the legendary aircraft that whisks the American president and his entourage around the world.

The Pentagon last week approved the first of a series of contracts with Boeing, the US aerospace giant chosen to convert a pair of its 747-8 jumbo jets -- there are actually two Air Force Ones -- into state-of-the-art, luxury command centers.
deafsea -2
Take about 8 years to be complete. Too @#$% long to built... Is there another country have similar one?
btweston 3
All your base are belong to us.


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